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Massage praktijk ShanT, Den Haag

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Fantasy Fair Archeon 2006

Cartoons by Jet de Wilde

Poppen dokter - Doll doctor Shop in Amsterdam

The Hague - an empty city

Decor building   Decor bouw

ShanT and Mary...

Art photography  -  Fotografie

Frigge Timmerwerken Den Haag. - kinderkamer

Tarot by Sona.     Tarot kaarten van Sona.

Hand made cotton paper factory India  -  Hand geschept katoen papier India.

Statues The Hague  -  Beeldentuin Lange Voorhout Den Haag

Ardennen kanoeing  -  Ardennen kano varen

OSHO Ashram


Tibettan Pulsing Healing

Frequencies of Brilliance Shamanic Training

Diving in Egypt  -  Duiken in Egypte

Art Photography  -  Fotografie

ShanT in Nepal

My Altar - How to make an altar  -  Hoe maak je een altaar?

Schilderijen  -  Zonder stroom


Eye of GOD  -  and his face!!!

Inner Warrior Club and Marcus van Soest  -  Inner Warrior en Marcus van Soest


Flower Clown, Ronnie Flower

Tischa in Egypt

Tischa and friends


ShanT and his photography  -  ShanT en zijn fotografie

ShanT as a child  -  ShanT als kind

ShanT in India

Photography  -  fotografie

ShanT's Swans  -  zwanen

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Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal




  EMIN Foundation

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Dheeraj, Tibettan Pulsing Healing Face of GOD, Nasa and Hubble telescope pictures, and a story Travels through India and Nepal 1990-2000 Dharmsala 2007 Angel sites... Cairo museum, hotel, restaurant FelFela and train station ShanT's life around his thirties... ShanT-  1998 - 99
Personal little advertisement... me looking for a woman... Frequencies of Brilliance Shamanic Training My Altar - How to make an altar  -  Hoe maak je een altaar? My aura, your aura and more... kirlian photo... How Thangka's are being made in Norbulingka, Dharmsala, India Thanka's from Dharmsala, India, made by Norbulinka institute Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal ShanT in Nepal 1998
OSHO ashram India and America, The Ranch and Poona... ShanT's life around his thirties... and soo beautiful love making around! ShanT and Mary...1996 Tarot by Sona.     Tarot kaarten van Sona.  Hand made paper factory in Poona, India

    This is not the official website from the EMIN Foundation. For this you need to go here... This is my personal story within the EMIN.


     After one year of aura reading and healing at the school for intuitive Development in Utrecht, I started to join a course at the EMIN foundation. I got interested at a gathering with a friend of mine. A man wanted to tell us something about the EMIN, by creating an experience. We had to sit opposite each other without crossed legs or arms. We were with four, so we sat in a square. He started to tell about the EMIN, and to my surprise, I saw a web being spun between the four of us, creating a strong and light energy. The fizz, it was called. I was amazed, and intrigued. Thus I decided to go and see the school.


    The first class all the students were sitting in a U-shape, and the 'Ushers', or teachers-doorkeepers sat in a straight line. The lesson was about the alphabet, and the power of sound. As explained was why we sat in a U-shape and they in an I-shape. The U attracts energy, and the I gives. Everything was being thought of. Everything is being studied to the origin of things, and the essence of it. Basically it is essence work. It's the invitation of higher essences.


   As I was sitting there, I suddenly saw two universes from which the ushers were talking. A red and a blue, so immense and radiant, it shook me. I was convinced that this work was authentic and pure. The strong hierarchy is with a purpose and works. A few anecdotes:


    We were sitting in the big hall. All the walls were painted black. The students were all sitting around the middle space on a tribune. The space was cleaned with incense, water with essential oils and hand clapping and a bell. A protective shield was placed around the floor. We were split up in groups and were given the instruction to study the vowels in sound, movement, color etc.. Each group was given a vowel. At a certain point each group was asked to show their findings in sound and movement. When the 'O' was standing in the middle, they stood in the shape of an 'O' and created the 'O' sound. A student wanted to walk around to 'sense' and discovered some spots where he felt a change in temperature. The Usher asked some students to go and stand where he had found those 'cold' places, which were four, opposing each other. A compass was fetched from another room, and strangely enough, those places were exactly on the north-south ax, and 30 degrees on it. How was this possible?


    In another lesson on another occasion, we were to repeat words. The idea was that with the repetition, the essence of the word could be felt. The strongest I felt this was with the word 'Knive'. The sense of cold steel was very strong.


    Noted that the school was cleaned and prepared for the work every evening. They had students assigned as blue watches, the women, and the red watches, the men. The men would be at the door, and had to give permission to enter. The women were cleaning the space with incense, hand clapping and a little bell and mist sprayers with essential oils. the incense was of high quality, and in 5 different types, the green, the yellow, the blue, the red, and the white. A white wall was raised in a room, to protect it from mind influences, and inside this space, sometimes a blue mark was placed, all to comfort and make space for essences to enter. Every space in the building was cleaned for the different groups to work in. I am still impressed by their system, and still use it.


    I left the school after one year to study Tibetan Pulsing Healing in India, with my master OSHO (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) and Dheeraj. I know some people from the EMIN foundation will read this. They will say I am lost, and astray. But still I want to thank you for your lessons, and the experience. It's great work you are doing.

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A song I still sing frequently...

The men sing:

Great Mother, I offer to you
The goodness of an open heart
so that you may
so that you may
so that you may work your wonders in me...


The women sing:

Great Father, Thank you for the safety that has been mine.




ShanThangka biggest high quality Thangka's in Europe.
Biggest high quality Nepali Thangka's in Europe.
Nu verkoop en bezichtiging in Asian Decor in Den Haag.
Free Tibet prayer flags.
Nu 3,00 voor 25 vlaggetjes 25 x 30 cm.


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With Dalai Lama March 2007  Including photo's from Dharmsala..

Beard lama blesses thangka's...

Dharmsala, McLeod Ganj, Monks, Temples and a lot of Um Mani Padme Um...

Nepal 2007, pictures and stories...

Intervieuw with an Australian Monk, living in a nunnery for the past 5 years in Dharmsala. How different is it compared to the commune?


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku...
Dilgo Kyentse
Rinpoche Tulku


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku with Tischa, my daughter...
With Tischa

Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's...

Two clowns in Nepal, march 2007....

Greetings from Katmandu

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's... and a clown!

Thanka school in Nepal

Erotic ancient art from Nepal...

Orphanage, Hamro Jivan, visited by american clown, Flower clown...






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